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The In's & Out's Of Landscaping

Success in home landscaping design is one that you can attain with enough hard work, patience and creativity. However, there are some disadvantages to it that you should work on to avoid.

Take a look at the pros and cons if you are considering home landscape design and you plan to do it yourself:


1. One of the advantages of designing the landscaping of your own home is primarily the cost. Professional landscape design fees have soared over the years. If you cannot afford this service, you opt to design the lawn yourself.

2. It would give the home owners an immense sense of achievement once they see the end results. Seeing the completed results of your hard work and imagination everyday when looking out of your window should be enough motivation for you.

3. Another advantage of designing your own backyard is your ability to seek the help of your friends and family. This will give you some bonding time together as well as quality time together, just remember to inject some fun while doing all the dirty and hard work.


1. Nature may work against you.

After you implement the design that you made for your backyard or front lawn, several problems might crop up:

-weeds -animals -flood -insects -pests or disease -soil problems

2. Drought conditions.

This is the most common lawn problem that a home owner needs to deal with. There are areas in the United States that experience drought during summer and this will work against the landscape design of your home.

To avoid this, plant shrubs that do not need much water. Also ask a professional gardener about how you can make your lawn more drought-resistant

3. Floods.

Floods are a natural enemy for your landscaped lawn. There are plants and parts of your garden that may survive flooding, but if some don't, just be patient because you can always start over.

4. Improper maintenance can ruin your lawn.

With a trimmed and landscaped lawn, you need a lot of time to maintain it. This is one disadvantage of landscaping your backyard or front lawn. If you do not have the time or the patience to maintain it, consider someone to do it for you.

By knowing the pros and cons of 'do-it-yourself' home landscaping, you have an idea of what can do and the things to avoid.


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