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Saving Bucks Through Refinishing Furniture

Buying new furniture pieces can be a big investment especially when it is a sofa that needs replacing. For some people, their furniture has sentimental value because these are family heirlooms which cost a lot of money to replace. This may have led people to seek cheaper alternatives that can somehow restore the value and beauty of their furniture pieces.

Refinishing furniture can definitely save a lot of money. This solution works with rather than strips off the original finish. The solvent combination slowly loosens and takes away the old finish but doesn't affect the original color of the bare wood.

Basically, this method requires wearing of gloves to protect the hands from the effects of chemicals and solvents used, spreading of newspapers especially when working indoors to prevent spills and most importantly, one should carefully follow the directions on the label. Aside from these basic tips, it's always best to work in a spacious area with good lighting. Since some solvents are volatile, be careful not to work around sparking equipment. Paying attention to the intricate details of furniture pieces requires eye protection like wearing of protective goggles to avoid chemicals from getting in contact with the face. Covered metal containers like paint cans should be handy for proper disposal of paint stripper waste. More care should be given when disposing lead based paint.

To remove the finish entirely, a commercial product can be used. However, one can also blend paint thinner and lacquer thinner in equal parts as an alternative. Wait two to four hours for the mixture to breakdown the paint. Wipe it clean to remove the excess before sanding with a very fine sandpaper or steel wool. Use a tack cloth to wipe away the dust.

Applying the stain is very simple with the use of a brush or by rubbing it on. Make sure to stir the stain well. Try to stain one section at a time and leave overnight to dry. It is hard to miss out on the simple instructions on the label. Minwax offers a wide range of tints for all kinds of wood available in the market.

The last step is to apply a finish coat of oil, preferably tung oil, or polyurethane for protection against dry heat during winter and exposure to sunlight. Antiques could do well with tung oil applied using a piece of rag and the excess wiped off. On the other hand, floors should be applied with polyurethane for extra protection.


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