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Save On Grocery Without Sacrificing Quality

Now that the economy is getting worse and worse for people, it definitely won't hurt to learn a few tips on how to save on your grocery expenses. Sure, maybe you aren't one of those who'd rather choose quantity over quality. But there's some ways to still get more from your hard-earned moolah without sacrificing the quality of the goods your family consumes.

Buy in Bulk

An eon-old advice but still efficient one is to buy in bulk. This means as much as possible buy in volumes. However, avoid the boobytrap of buying perishables in bulk as they may rot before you even consume them. Buy stuff such as tissues or paper towels, toothpaste (which normally don't expire), soaps, cleaning powders, and other items that can be put in stock for a long time.

Be Smart by Having a List Whenever Going to Grocery Trip

Not having a list is like going to a grocery unarmed. Be very in-control by sticking to whatever is on that list.

However, you may allow you and your other family members a certain number of impulse purchases. This way you don't become too stiff on yourself and them.

Wait for SALE or Bargain Time

A wise buyer will definitely keep an eye on when a shop or mall hold its regular or holiday sales. This is the best time to buy things that are of course, usually more expensive.

Coupon Power

Magazines, newspapers, books, and websites on the Internet, are laden with coupons that you can either cut out or print off their from websites. Key in your zip code and many of the stores near you should pop up. These will help you save a lot so better stock up on those coupons, too. Coupon lovers abound and you can even trade some with them for the items that you don't have and they already have plenty of.

Plan Ahead for Your Monthly Needs

If you have a monthly grocery plan, it will be hard for you stray from your budget. Planning your meals helps this endeavor become more doable, too. Keep tabs on your expenses through having a complete list of your expenditures and how much you have actually spent. Compare your plan and the actual amount of money you have spent. This will make you cautious on your next grocery days.

Don't Be Too Stingy

Let your family have some breathing room by giving them some allowance to spend on whatever they want. This way no one will feel deprived. Just make sure that you tell everyone about your campaign if you really want to be serious about your saving goals.


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