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Benefits Of Joining A Scrapbooking Club

Scrapbooking has been long introduced to bring out the artistic skills of most people. It was formally introduced in 1826 through the publication of the first how-to create a scrapbook in Germany. Since then, it has become part of history that eventually brought people together who share the same hobby.

Scrapbooking clubs started with friends and family members who enjoy creating these mini-albums. However, as scrapbooking became more popular, several organizations and clubs were introduced worldwide. Scrappers can join these clubs by simply locating their websites and register. Once registration has been completed, a scrapper will have access to forums, projects, and other scrappers' profiles.

In choosing the best scrapbooking club, it is recommended to pick the one closest to the scrapper's residence. These clubs are usually organizing get-togethers to meet the other members personally. It would be convenient for any scrapper to join the club nearest them.

These clubs organize social events to keep the people interested in scrapbooking. With these clubs, scrappers stay together and form friendship that starts with the love for scrapbooks. They also make sure that activities are filled with fun by engaging members to competition against each other that aims to encourage scrappers to create fine looking and quality scrapbooks.

The best part of joining these clubs is the opportunity in getting fresh ideas and meeting people that share the same passion.

Below are some of the benefits in joining a scrapbooking club:

1. Scrapbooking clubs let its members share their resources and knowledge for free.

2. Members find new friends they can talk to, not just about scrapbooks, but anything under the sun. There are life-long friendships that were built because of this hobby and they continue to increase.

3. Members, especially moms and teenage girls are excited because these clubs provide a girls night out. They see this as a break in their daily routine, letting them unwind and enjoy what they love doing with people who share the same passion for scrapbooks.

4. Most clubs hire professional scrapbookers as guest speakers to their workshops to teach members the latest and proven techniques. Speakers often provide materials that members have to pay for a small amount of money.

5. There are also scrapbooking clubs that are established to help non-government agencies in raising funds to help other people who are in need worldwide through selling hand made scrap books online or through garage sales.

Scrapbooking clubs bring people together not just to improve their skills and learn new techniques but more importantly form friendships and help others who are in need.


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